Lock Up Your Daughters

March 1974

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Lock Up Your Daughters - by Bernard Miles
Performed - Tues 19th to Sat 23rd March 1974 at Blackfriars Theatre

Lock Up Your Daughters is a musical play adapted from Henry Fielding's comedy 'Rape upon Rape'.

Licentious London, 1735. The age of the coffee-house politician, the corrupt Justice, and the young gallant whose principal delight is the ravishing of virtuous maidens. Unversed in the wicked ways of the world young Hilaret sallies forth from the over-protective walls of Papa's house resolved to elope with her beloved Captain Constant. Separated from her maid, Cloris, during a street scuffle, she finds herself in a deuced dangerous situation with a distinctly virile young gentleman named Ramble. Her cries for assistance only lead her into further peril, for she and Ramble are both hauled on trumped-up charges before that rogue of rogues, Mr Justice Squeezum. Once in custody, Hilaret becomes the latest apple of the Justice's ever-wandering eye, while Ramble is "rescued" by the bountifully amorous Mrs Squeezum. That Constant, too, happens at that moment to be in jail is just one of the lucky circumstances that eventually resolve this rumbustious story. 


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

Staff (a constable) - Tony Brown
A Gentleman - Arthur Doughty
Watchmen - Tom Brabben / Alan Weston
Squeezum (a corrupt justice) - John Cammack
Quill (Squeezum's clerk) - John Gould
Mrs Squeezum - Betty Lovell
Sotmore (a gallant) - John Hill
Ramble (a gallant) - Pat Hall
Brazencourt (an innkeeper) - Geoff Ashberry
A Wench - Wendy Sanderson
Politic (a coffee house politician) - Fred George
Hilaret (Politic's daughter) - Jean Green
Cloris (Hilaret's maid) - Carol Thornton
Dabble (Politic's friend) - Alec Gibbs
Faithful (Politic's servant) - Kevin Marriott
Worthy (an honest justice) - Arthur Doughty
Captain Constant (a military gallant) - Nick Lovell

Production Team

Musical Director & Accompanist - John Thornton
Choreography - Margaret Isaac
Stage Management & Set Design - Tom Brabben, Alan Weston, Andrew Jenkinson, John Cammack
Lighting - Stephen Swain, Stephen Cotgreave, Richard Sutton
Costumes - Joy Hensman, Judy Cammack
Properties - Margaret Reynolds
Prompter - Pam Hall
Front of House Management - Cecil & Hilda Matson
Poster & Programme Design - Mary Lack