Sweeney Todd The Barber

March 1973

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Sweeney Todd the Barber - adapted by Brian J. Burton
Performed - Wed 21st to Sat 24th March 1973 at Blackfriars Theatre

This new adaptation of Sweeney Todd by Brian J. Burton follows the 19th century George Dibdin Pitt's "horror comic" play "The Fiend of Fleet Street". A number of songs in the Victorian manner, written by the Brian J. Burton, are included in the play.


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

Sweeney Todd - John B. Hill
Ezekiel Smith - Jeffrey Ashberry
Mrs Ragg - Joy Hensman
Tobias Ragg - Margaret Reynolds
Mark Ingestre - Patrick Hall
Jean Parmine - Alexander Gibbs
Johanna Oakley - Susan Gladding
Colonel Eustace Jeffrey - Raymond Hensman
Jasper Oakley - A. B. Stephenson
Mrs Oakley - Dorothy Quincey
Dr Aminadab Lupin - John Cammack
Mrs Lovett - Betty Lovell
Jarvis Williams - Stephen Grist
Jonas Fogg - John Gould
Sir William Brandon - Alan Kemp
Mrs Poorlean - Hilda Adamson
Bystanders - Linda Sharpe, Joy Hensman, Eileen Smith
Prison Warders - Tom Brabben, Kevin Marriott
A Madhouse Warder - Alan Weston
Court Usher - Kevin Marriott

Production Team

Producer - Arthur Doughty
Stage Manager - T. E. Brabben
Deputy Stage Manager - Alan Weston
Stage Crew - David Cotgreave, Bruce Dickinson, Kevin Marriott, Walter Plinge, and friends
Musical Director & Accompanist - John Thornton
Set & Decor - Thomas E. Brabben, John Cammack, Mary Lack
The 'Chair' Contrivance construction - Alan Weston
Lighting - Lawrence Whitfield
Wardrobe - Judy Cammack
Properties - Eileen Smith
Prompting - Pam Hall
Front of House - Mr C. Matson & Mrs H. M. Matson
Poster & Programme Design - Mary Lack
Photography - Derek Cox
The Wigs & Barber Implements - supplied by David Cotgreave
Window Display - Nationwide Building Society