A Letter from the General

March 1968

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A Letter from the General - by Maurice McLoughlin
Performed - Wed 6th to Sat 9th March 1968 at Blackfriars Theatre

The play is set in the common room of a Mission Station, in a far eastern country in 1950. A revolution has taken place and 'The General' is a leader of the province. The nuns, their priest and local English residents are ordered to leave, or they will be shot.


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

Sister Henry - Betty Nesbitt
Sister Lucy - Jane Bradsworth
Sister Bridget - Dorothy Bates
Reverend Mother - Honor George
Sister Magdalen - Betty Coy
Arthur Stilton, the British Consul - Fred George
Ruth Stilton, his wife - Shirley Atkins
Captain Lee - Gerry Wolff
Father Schiller - A. B. Stephenson

Production Team

Producer - Joy Hensman
Stage Manager - Alec Gibbs
Set Design - John Cammack
Set Construction - Jeff Ashberry, Derek Blackman, David Hill, Robert Langstaff
Decor - Denise Motley, Lesley Naylor
Costumes - Ladies of the Wardrobe Committee
Property Mistress - Bess Berry
Property Assistants - Karen Lovely, Barbara Price
Prompter - Margaret Comer
House Management - Mr & Mrs J. W. Alexander
Publicity - M. Isaac, G. E. Adamson
Sound Effects - Derek Blackman
Dresser - Jane Casswell