Trap for a Lonely Man

Spring 1966

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Trap for a Lonely Man - by Robert Thomas
Performed -  Thurs 24th to Sat 26th March 1966 at the Blenkin Memorial Hall, Boston

The action of this psycholical thriller takes place in the living-room of a chalet near Chamonix. Daniel Corban reports his wife missing to the police. He is very upset. A young priest arrives and says he has found Madame Corban alive and well. He brings in the woman - Daniel insists that it is not his wife. Several people arrive and say that she is Madame Corban. Daniel feels he is losing his grip on reality.


Actors names on right:

The Man - Arthur Dalby-Phillips
The Police Inspector - Graham Rodwell
The Priest - Bill Atkinson
The Woman - Diane Wilson
The Tramp - John Cammack
The Nurse - Bridget Robinson

Production Team

Producer - A. B. Stephenson
Stage Manager - Tessa Cooper
Set Design - John Cammack
Property Mistress - Bess Berry, assisted by Jane Casswell
Prompter - Margaret E. Comer
Business Manager - Percy Wass
Electrician - Alan Blakeley