Goodnight Mrs Puffin

Spring 1965

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Goodnight Mrs. Puffin - by Arthur Lovegrove
Performed -  Thurs 18th to Sat 20th March 1965 at the Blenkin Memorial Hall, Boston

The Fordyce family are looking forward to the wedding of their eldest daughter when a strange woman arrives on their doorstep. Mrs Puffin claims to have premonitions in her sleep and is adamant that she knows what lies in store for the household. Her predictions are not what the family want to hear, and while the younger Fordyces are intrigued by her astonishing stories, Mrs Puffin doesn't prove to be quite as popular with their parents.
How will the family deal with their uninvited guest? Will her visions become reality? Will she ever take the hint and leave them in peace?!


Actors names on right:

Ethel Fordyce - Joy Hensman
Jacqueline Fordyce - Shirley J. Atkins
Pamela Fordyce - Pat Ostler
Nicholas Fordyce - Colin Clark
Annie - Judy Hensman
Amelia Puffin - Hilda Adamson
Henry Fordyce - Arthur Dalby-Phillips
Stephen Parker - C. L. Hoffrock-Griffiths
Victor Parker - John Cammack
Roger Vincent - Ian Burnett

Production Team

Producer - A. B. Stephenson
Stage Manager - Tessa Cooper, assisted by John Lowry
Set Design - John Cammack
Property Mistress - Bess Berry
Prompter - Margaret E. Comer
Business Manager - Percy Wass
Electrician - Alan Blakeley