Policy for Murder

Autumn 1964

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Policy for Murder - by Jack Popplewell
Performed - Thurs 26th to Sat 28th November 1964 at the Blenkin Memorial Hall

Ray is in debt. He devises a plan to defraud his insurance company by faking his own death. He makes friends with Stuart. He plans to lure Stuart into his studio, murder him and set it on fire - then his wife Lee will identify the charred remains. She will after a time come to where he is hiding out and they will live happily ever after on the insurance money. Stuart is lured into the studio and it burns down. Several days later a young woman turns up saying she is Stuart's girl friend and is worried that she has not seen him for some time. Then Stuart turns up - he says that when he went into the studio it was all in darkness and that he tripped over a dead body - he ran away and found that he had blood on his hands. But was the body that of Ray?

The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Millers' house on the coast of Hampshire.


Actors names on right:

Ray Miller - Bill Atkinson
Lee Miller - Doreen Norman
Mr Bielby - C. L. Hoffrock Griffiths
Stuart Gilmore - Colin Clark
Bill Price - Ray Hensman
Dennis Adams - Michael Holmes
Mr Morrison - Arthur Dalby-Phillips
Anne Daley - Ann Baker
Sandra Williams - Margaret Isaac

Production Team

Producer - Gina Baker
Stage Manager - Nicholas Broughton
Set Design - John Cammack
Set Construction - 
Stage Crew - 
Costume - 
Properties - Bess Berry
Lighting - George Budge
Sound - 
Prompter - Tessa Cooper
Buisness Manager - Percy Wass