Breath of Spring

Autumn 1960

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Breath of Spring - by Peter Coke
Performed -  Thurs 24th to Sat 26th November 1960 at the Blenkin Memorial Hall, Boston

Dame Beatrice houses a collection of middle-aged 'guests', plus Lily her maid. To repay Dame Beatrice for giving her a job despite her criminal past, Lily presents her with a mink stole filched from the next flat. The Brigadier deploys his 'troops' to return the fur. The whole campaign is so invigorating that they decide to retain this excitement in their lives by pinching furs and giving the proceeds to charities.


In order of appearance, actors names on right:

Miss Nanette Parry - Naomi Stephen
Brigadier Albert Rayne - J. Lindsay Stephen
Lily Thompson (the Maid) - Margaret Isaac
Alice, Lady Miller - Doreen Leggott
Dame Beatrice Appleby - Hilda Adamson
Miss Elizabeth Hatfield - Bridget Robinson
Pape - Ray Hensman
Kemp - John Bignall

Production Team

Stage Designer - Ray Hipkin
Stage Managers - Ray Hipkin / Charles Winter
Lighting Effects - George Budge
Property Mistress - Shirley Kirk
Prompter - Margaret Comer
Business Manager - John Bignall
Wardrobe Mistress - Dorothy Woodcock
Furniture - J. F. Best