The Ladykillers

October 2015

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The Ladykillers - by Graham Linehan From the Motion Picture Screenplay by William Rose

Performance Dates - Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th October.


Posing as amateur musicians, Professor Marcus and his gang rent rooms in the lopsided house of sweet but strict Mrs Wilberforce. The villains plot to involve her, unwittingly, in Marcus' brilliantly conceived heist job. The police are left stumped but Mrs Wilberforce becomes wise to their ruse and Marcus concludes that there is only one way to keep the old lady quiet. With only her parrot, General Gordon, to help her, Mrs Wilberforce is alone with five desperate men. But who will be forced to face the music?
"This is no pale stage rip-off but a new-written piece of perfection." - The Times
"A joy from start to finish." - Daily Express
"The show works and, at its considerable best, works triumphantly." - The Daily Telegraph
"An exuberantly inventive evening." - The Guardian


Very occasionally comes an evening where everything links up totally like a well-made jigsaw. This production achieved just that. It was well directed, there was no weak member of cast. Lighting and set were superb. It would not be fair to single out any character, they were all excellent. Stage effects were brilliant. A packed audience was really appreciative. All the cast had superb diction and the evening was prompt free. The pace was maintained throughout the evening.

David Fisher, NODA


Mrs Wilberforce: Helen Gordon
Prof Marcus: Daniel Poulson
Major Courtney: Jon Molson
Harry Robinson: Julian Warrick
One-Round: Stephen Clark
Louis Harvey: Carl Reece
Mrs Tromleyton: Victoria Clark
Constable Macdonald: Rachel Rowett
General Gordon: Lucy Taylor


Production Team

Director: Liz Worsley 
Assistant Director: Jo Warrick
Set design: Julian Warrick 
Costumes: Violet Truelove & members of Playgoers
Props: Liz Worsley, Stephen Clark & Lucy Taylor
Sound design: Melissa Poulson 
Lighting design: Paul Gibson and Megan Rogers
Set construction: Paul Gibson, Stephen Clark & Carl Reece
Stage manager: Megan Rogers
Backstage: Members of Playgoers
Poster & Programme: Melissa Poulson & Julian Warrick
Publicity: Rachel Rowett
Photography: Aubrey Worsley
Printing: DPS Digital