Mr Wonderful

April 2015

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Mr Wonderful - by James Robson 

In memory of Alma Watts

Performance Dates - Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th April 2015

Norma has reached a crisis point.
Having spent most of her life caring for her mother, the time has come to ring the changes - to find a man, to find her Mr Wonderful. And what better way than through a dating agency, through which she meets three completely different suitors...
Eric, a mind numbing DIY bore.
Lop, a fanatical cycling freak.
And Geoff, erudite and stylish, he must be the one!

Find out the consequences after Norma’s mother discovers the truth about Geoff.


This production was dedicated to the memory of Alma Watts, a long-time member and stalwart of Boston Playgoers Society, who was to have made her debut as a Director with this play and had already began making preliminary arrangements prior to her illness taking hold. There is no doubt that this superbly crafted play would have presented Alma with a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate her talent for comedic interpretation. It tells the story of Norma Green (played with distinction by Jo Warwick), a middle-aged factory worker, who also provides care for her bedridden mother who is showing signs of dementia. Norma, still single at 45, is endeavouring to locate her Mr Wonderful by using a dating agency and although she receives some encouragement from her mother, Phoebe, (impressively played by Glyn Ruskin) Phoebe is afraid that should Norma find her man then she will be left on her own. We are treated to three accounts of Norma’s dating experiences. The first is with Eric Box, a screw emporium owner (played by Bob Green) who regales Norma with an incredibly detailed and boring exposition of a screw which he delivers in an exemplary dead-pan fashion. No wonder Norma requests another drink and disappears whilst Eric is at the bar! Next on the scene is cycling fanatic Lop Wink (energetically played by Dan Poulson) who invites Norma to examine his physical condition, which she declines. Then there is Geoff Lazenby, an ex-school teacher (played by Peter Kay) whose suave approach makes him appear the likely winner. However, just when it looks as if Geoff might be the one, Phoebe finds some interesting information on Geoff’s mobile phone. This funny and at times touching play contains much brilliant dialogue which was very well conducted, especially that between mother and daughter. Dividing the stage space into three worked effectively and the excellent choice of incidental music was most appropriate. Congratulations to all who were involved in this outstanding production – a most fitting tribute.

Peter Breach, NODA


Norma Green - Jo Warrick
Phoebe Green - Glyn Ruskin
Geoff Lazenby - Peter Kay
Eric Box - Robert Green
Lop Wink - Daniel Poulson

Production Team

Paul Gibson, Lucy Taylor, Jacob Moore, Megan Rogers, John Knight, Melissa Poulson, Liz Worsley