Trivial Pursuits

July 2014

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Trivial Pursuits - by Frank Vickery

Performed - 2nd - 6th July 2014, Blackfriars Theatre 


If you get a group of actors together who are keen on comedy and have them take on the roles contained in this play by Frank Vickery, then pandemonium is sure to occur. Set in 1987, members of a local amateur operatic company meet at the home of their dictatorial director and business manager for a barbecue at which he is expected to announce what their next production is to be. The situation is however, somewhat complicated, for he has promised starring parts to four different members in four different productions: another difficulty revealed by their quiet and unassuming treasurer is that they have insufficient funding. This show contains an abundance of one liners, hilarious farce and much laughter generated out of trivial issues: good co-ordination on the part of the cast resulted in the slick presentation of humour and the maintenance of good pace. There was excellent characterisation from all the players; I thought Peter Kay (as Teddy), Glyn Ruskin (as Joyce) and Kei Bailey (as Derek) gave splendid representations as members of the ‘am-dram’ society with Robert Green (as Eddie) persistently and confidently promoting himself as the TV expert from outside the group. The action took part on a very well designed and constructed set which provided a most realistic setting for a barbecue on the patio.  Congratulations on providing this high quality entertainment, the enthusiastic applause delivered by your audience was richly deserved.  

Peter Breach NODA July 2014


Teddy - Peter Kay 
Joyce - Glyn Ruskin
Derek - Kei Bailey
Deirdre - Rachel Rowett
Mona - Abby Johnson 
Pearl - Helen Gordon
Nick - Daniel Poulson
Roz - Kim Sands
Eddie - Robert Green
Jessica - Lucy Freeston

Production Team

Director - Pam Whalley

Stage Manager/ Set Design/ Set Construction - Ian Whalley

DSM/ Set Construction - Philip Mason

Sound/ Lighting/ Set Construction - Paul Gibson

Set Construction - Jacob Moore

Lighting Control - John Knight

Technician - Megan Rogers

Publicity/ Costumes/ Props - Alma Watts, Lucy Taylor & Members of the company

Photography - Neil Watson