The Vicar of Dibley

February 2014

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The Vicar of Dibley - by Richard Curtis & Paul Mayhew Archer. Adapted for the stage by Ian Gower & Paul Carpenter 
Performed - February 19th to February 22nd 2014 at Blackfriars Theatre 

Most ‘am-drams’ accept that in order to pay their way, particular attention must be given to the selection of productions. Whilst endeavouring to provide a balanced programme, choosing the right play can make a very significant contribution to achieving maximum ticket sales which help to provide financial stability. In opting to perform “The Vicar of Dibley”, a play adapted from the original TV series, Boston Playgoers were well on the way to securing capacity audiences. However, the tasks of casting the play and ensuring that characterisation matched the expectations of the many ardent fans who may well have seen every episode, required much application and detailed direction. Herein was the key to the success of this production.

The Vicar, Geraldine Granger, was confidently played by Beverley Jane Kenny making her stage debut. David Edgar took the role of the irascible Council Chairman, David Horton, who disliked women priests and all the other council members. Ed Haynes, also making his first appearance on stage, played the love-struck Hugo Horton who was infatuated with Alice Tinker, the simple minded Churchwarden who loves the Tellytubbies, this role was brilliantly executed by Lucy Freeston. Jim Trott, (he of no,no,no,yes fame!) was superbly played by Robert Green who not only mastered the accent but also the gait of his character. Kate Green played Letitia Cropley, well known for her knitting and exotic recipes. The part of Frank Pickle, the pedantic Council Clerk was convincingly played by John Lingard. Jon Molson played the part of Owen Newitt, the farmer full of passion for his cows which he later tries to transfer to the Vicar.

Other parts were played by Lucy Taylor, Alma Watts, Marilyn Cobb,Micky Sheridan-Shinn and Adrian Sheridan-Shinn. This fantastic team effort was appropriately acknowledged by loud and sustained applause. Well done!

Peter Breach, NODA February 2014

Actors names on right:

David Horton - David Edgar
Geraldine Granger - Beverley Kenny
Hugo Horton - Ed Haynes
Alice Tinker - Lucy Freeston
Letitia Cropley - Kate Green 
Jim Trott - Robert Green 
Frank Pickle - John Lingard
Owen Newitt - Jon Molson
Woman - Lucy Taylor

Production Team

Director - Mike Sheridan-Shinn
Producer - Alma Watts
Stage Manager - Jacob Moore
Set Design - Paul Gibson
Set Construction - Paul Gibson
Stage Crew - Megan Rogers, 
Costume - Society & Violet Truelove Wardrobe
Furniture & Properties - Liz Worsley, Lucy Taylor
Lighting & Sound - Paul Gibson 
Poster - Mike Sheridan-Shinn
Publicity - Mike Sheridan-Shinn & members of Society
Programme - Mike Sheridan-Shinn