Calendar Girls

November 2012

Calendar Girls - by Tim Firth
Performed - Wed October 31st to Sat November 3rd 2012 at Blackfriars Theatre, Boston


This was a magnificent production of Tim Firth’s popular play. Sensitively and cleverly directed, it was performed by an enthusiastic and competent cast, all of whom delivered faultless performances whilst being supported by a very efficient stage crew. There was much attention given to detail – the costumes were well chosen and appropriate, the church hall set on which most of the action takes place even had a badminton court marked out on the floor and posters on the notice board were changed between acts.

The audience clearly liked what they saw and keenly demonstrated their appreciation throughout the performance. This society produced a calendar featuring members of the cast as a means of promoting their work and to raise funds for charity. Hopefully, many of the people who purchased one will look at the calendar during the ensuing year and, remembering how much they enjoyed this fantastic play, will be prompted to make visits to see future shows. Well done all concerned!
Peter Breach NODA 12/11/2012

Actors names on right:

Annie - Glyn Ruskin
Chris - Marilyn Read
Jessie - Abby Johnson
Celia - Kate Andrew
Ruth - Katie Tabor
Cora - Liz Fenton
Marie - Frances Sabey
Brenda Hulse / Lady Cravenshire - Kate Green
Elaine - Jo Carling
John - Alan Whyte
Lawrence / Liam - Matthew Barnes
Rod - Jon Molson

Production Team

Director - Kate Eglinton
Stage Manager - Alma Watts
Properties - Liz Worsley, Alma Watts, Alan Whyte
Set Design - Kate Eglinton
Set Construction - Paul Gibson
Set Painting - Sam Zwemmer
Sound - Paul Gibson, Laura Whyte
Lighting - Paul Gibson
Programme - Sarah Moysey, Alan Whyte
Publicity - Kate Eglinton, Alan Whyte
Costumes - Violet Truelove Wardrobe
Calendar Design - Sarah Moysey, Kate Eglinton
Photography - Alan Markham
Backstage - Megan Rogers