The Weir

June 2012

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The Weir - by Conor McPherson
Performed - Wed June 6th to Sat June 9th 2012 at Blackfriars Theatre, Boston

In a bar in a remote part of western Ireland the landlord and three local men, begin to tell tales to impress a young woman, Valerie, a newcomer to the area recently arrived from Dublin. What begins as a simple visit to the local pub soon turns out to be an evening of both funny and spellbinding stories, until the final tale, told by Valerie herself, takes a strange and unexpected twist and changes the whole mood of the evening and marks a significant shift among the chemistry of the group.

This highly acclaimed play, which won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play in 1997, is funny, poignant and gripping.

Superbly written, this play has it all. The action takes place in a quiet bar in a remote part of Ireland where three local men, all bachelors, are having a quiet drink. Jack Mullen (Jon Molson), Brendan Byrne (Danny Chester-Bush) and Jim Curran (Phil Landshoft) are awaiting the arrival of married Finbar Mack (David Edgar) a former resident of the village who, it is expected, will be accompanied by a young woman, Valerie (Rachel Rowett), who is not his wife but has recently moved to the area from Dublin.

Soon after the couple arrive the men begin to tell mournful stories of unexplained happenings and death in order to impress this newcomer. Whilst Valerie visits the toilet, which is located in the private quarters, the men argue over their reasons for telling these tales accusing each other of deliberately setting out to frighten her. On her return to the bar Valerie tells the men a moving story which profoundly affects them and the way they relate to each other.

This play contains much humour and is highly entertaining; in what appears to be a casual manner we are introduced to the innermost thoughts and feelings of the characters. Skilfully acted by an extremely competent cast and performed on a set that was well constructed and most appropriate, this production had the audience spellbound throughout. Thank you Boston Playgoers for providing us with this excellent theatrical treat.
Peter Breach NODA 8/6/2012

Actors names on right:

Jack Mullen - Jon Molson
Brendan Byrne - Danny Chester-Bush
Jim Curran - Phil Landshoft
Finbar Mack - Dave Edgar
Valerie - Rachel Rowett

Production Team

Director - David Edgar
Producer / Stage Manager - Alma Watts
Set Design - Paul Gibson
Set Construction - Members of the society
Stage Crew - Jacob Moore
Furniture & Properties - Alma Watts, Paul Gibson and members of the society
Lighting & Sound - Paul Gibson
Poster - David Edgar
Publicity - David Edgar, Alma Watts
Programme - Melissa Marlowe