Wuthering Heights

November 2010

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Wuthering Heights - by Emily Bronte. Adapted for the stage by Charles Vance 
Performed -  Wed 10th to Sat 13th November 2010 at Blackfriars Theatre

The play is a stunning new version of Emily Bronte's great classic, the immortal love story set amid the bleak beauty of Haworth Moor, the landscape over which towers the wild, terrible figure of Heathcliff. The tale of this searing passion for the beautiful Catherine Earnshaw has the vividness of nightmare, the beauty and simplicity of an old ballad and depth and intensity of ancient tragedy. A spellbinding thriller and ghost story which is now brought vividly to life in this new theatre presentation.

This was a really outstanding production of a classic tale of love so passionate, so obsessive and so consuming that it eventually destroys the parties involved. The set was a masterpiece of both design and construction, and furnished in most realistic fashion, thereby affording the actors ample opportunities to display their skills, which they did to considerable effect. Much attention was given to detail and to assist the cast in their preparations for this play they even made a special trip to Yorkshire to familiarise themselves with the climate and conditions in which it is set. Consequently what we saw on the stage at Blackfriars was the culmination of months of hard work from a dedicated team which resulted in superb performances from every member of the cast. The costumes were most appropriate and from the period in which the play was set. The backstage crew provided first class support with excellent lighting and sound effects that added those special touches to create atmosphere. The Directors deserve due recognition for their superb efforts that resulted in the large audiences being absolutely enthralled by what they had witnessed. This was undoubtedly a prime example of theatre at its best.
Peter Breach NODA

Playgoers climb to great heights with Bronte
Boston Playgoers took its audience out on the wiley, windy moors for its latest production - an adaptation of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.

And the long-running amateur dramatic group had certainly done their homework, going as far as to visit the novel's Yorkshire setting, en masse, ahead of the show's recent run.

This level of commitment was characteristic of the production; from the full-bodied performance of its players to its skilful direction, this was a robust adaptation with a fine attention to detail.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing directors Liz Worsley and Kate Eglington was to hold on to their audience as events moved back and forth through time (with the added complication of having a separate Cathy in each period).

While confusing at times, the potential pitfall also came to be a strength for the play, with Glyn Ruskin's housekeeper character able to move from one time period to the other merely by crossing the stage, giving the impression the events of the past remain very much with her today.

This adaptation, however, was always going to be judged on the strength of its Cathy and Heathcliff and in Melissa Marlowe and Matthew Barnes the play found itself on solid ground. Passionate in love and (in particular) grief, the pair did not fail to move their audience and proved a match for Bronte's famous self-destructive lovers.
David Seymour - Boston Standard 24/11/10


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

Mr Lockwood - David Edgar
Joseph - Carl Reece
Cathy Linton - Kathryn Kibby
Hareton Earnshaw - Aubrey Worsley
Heathcliff - Matt Barnes
Ellen Dean - Glyn Ruskin
Catherine Earnshaw - Melissa Marlowe
Edgar Linton - Dan Poulson
Hindley Earnshaw - Daniel Chester-Bush
Isabella Linton - Rachel Rowett

In the matinee performance on Friday 19th, Edgar Linton was played by Phil Roberts.

Production Team

Director - Liz Worsley / Kate Eglington
Stage Manager - Alma Watts
Set Design - Liz Worsley / Kate Eglington / Paul Gibson
Set Construction - Members of Playgoers
Stage Crew - Alan Whyte / Charlotte Argyll
Costume - Violet Truelove Wardrobe
Furniture & Properties - 
Lighting - Paul Gibson
Sound - Laura Whyte
Poster - Jon Molson
Programme - Melissa Marlowe