December 1929

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Pygmalion - by George Bernard Shaw
Performed -  Mon 16th & Tues 17th December 1929 at the New Theatre, Boston

One of Shaw's finest plays, Pygmalion is a seminal comedy of class distinctions, a fussy British phonetics professor, Henry Higgins wagers that he can transform guttersnipe cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle into a lady of breeding, voice and manners in London's Ascot society with surprising results.


Actors names on right:

 - Mrs Bernard Jackson
 - Miss Muriel Balch
 - Miss Beryl Blight
 - Miss Constance Gregory
 - Miss Winifred Hayward
 - Miss Mary Isaac
 - Mr Roy Hart-Davies
 - Mr W. R. Hensman
 - Mr Norman A. Hooper
 - Dr H. C. Jennings
 - Mr Jack Mather
 - Mr G. L. Nussey
 - Mr Frank Smith