Nobody's Perfect

April 2007

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Nobody's Perfect - by Simon Williams
Performed - Wed 25th April to Sat 28th April 2007

"Nobody's Perfect" is a fast moving and witty comedy that centres around the life of a shy, staid statistician called Leonard Loftus who writes a feminist novel under the pretence of "Myrtle Banbury". When his book wins a writing competition, Harriet Copeland from "Love is All Around" wants to meet Myrtle, leaving Leonard no choice but to assume Myrtle's identity. However, little does he expect to fall in love with Harriet! It is a wonderfully funny and well written play that is certain to make for an entertaining evening. 

Oh boy does Leonard have a problem. The high heels and lippy aren't going to help either, especially when he's the one wearing them!

Normally writing under a pseudonym creates no confusion at all. You can lead a parallel life and everything in the garden's rosy.

So what if you're a man writing as a woman? Well that shouldn't be a problem either, life should go on regardless and never the twain shall meet. Except it's not going to work quite like that for poor old Leonard, he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life and pay for it big time!

Statistician Leonard (David Edgar) works from home. He likes it that way. He can keep an eye on wayward Daughter Dee Dee (Kathryn Walker) and his even more annoying wayward Father Gus (John Lingard).

Leonard yearns to see his name in print, write a best seller, try out his masculine wiles. Well maybe not, because our stammering Leonard's a little shy and staid and the nightmare of a publisher Harriet (Melanie Clark) enjoys binning the boys' efforts in favour of women. A publisher 'For women by women'. So he's well up against it!

Not to be put down though, Leonard decides to submit his next book as the flamboyant Mytle Banbury, and very soon he's enjoying the freedom of writing under the pseudonym of Myrtle, gaining the confidence he lacks, throwing caution to the wind, and you're right, you've guessed it, the editor of 'Love is all around' loves it, and a publishing deal is winging its way to him.

Wow, can't be bad, Leonard's cracked it! Things are looking up; the book's in the bag instead of in the bin; money in the bank; no stopping him now; life is good. Well it was until feminist editor Harriet decides she would like to meet Myrtle otherwise the deal is off.

Desperate measures are needed and Leonard finds himself assuming the identity of Myrtle, not some busty blonde, more the Joyce Grenfell type, typical of an Aunt if he were to have one.

Dee Dee and Gus remain oblivious to his cooked up charade of 'Aunt Myrtle' just until Harriet turns up on the doorstep of Leonard's flat, and very soon, they put two and two together especially when Leonard gets the 'hots' for the editor from hell. Cross-dressing, cross wires, cross anything really because 'Happy ever after' is off the cards and panic is top of the list!

The direction, timing, use of props, the set and lighting were brilliant. Melanie Clark and Kathryn Walker are truly superb actresses. They both portrayed their characters, Harriet and Dee Dee, with a panache I have become accustomed to with any production by Boston Playgoers. John Lingard comes into his own playing the loveable rogue, up for anything and I do mean anything! His comic timing is always pure perfection.

However, for me, David Edgar displayed a unique gift, the ability to be believable in not only one character but two, the shy divorced Leonard, and the enigmatic Aunt Myrtle, the voice, wig, facial expressions, his practice run at 'Things women do' was hilarious, even the dress looked good (on him you understand, not one for us girls!). A matchless actor and resplendent performance.

A feel good comedy, a laugh out loud production. A sure winner for Boston Playgoers. 

June Atkins, BBC Radio Lincs 01/05/2007

Actors names on right:

Harriet Copeland - Mel Clark
Leonard Loftus - David Edgar
Dee Dee - Kathryn Walker
Gus Loftus - John Lingard 

Production Team

Director - Paul Gibson
Stage Manager - Bob Green
Set Design - Paul Gibson
Set Construction - Paul Gibson and members of playgoers
Stage Crew - Lucy Taylor, Bob Green
Costume - 
Furniture & Properties - Paul Gibson, 
Lighting - Paul Gibson
Sound - Paul Gibson
Poster - Paul Gibson
Programme - Lucy Taylor, Jon Molson