Dads Army

February 2005

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Dads Army - by Jimmy Perry & David Croft
Performed - February 2nd to February 5th 2005 at Blackfriars Theatre

The classic BBC TV comedy series of the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea who battle daily against the Germans and local ARP Warden Hodges, comes to the stage in these three hilarious episodes. The Deadly Attachment and The Godiva Affair were presented on stage and as part of a Royal Command Performance, while Mum's Army is made available in a stage version for the first time. Also included here is the Floral Dance sketch.
In The Deadly Attachment the platoon have to guard a captured U-boat Captain and his crew. But fearless Captain Mainwaring incurs German displeasure when he orders the defiant prisoners be served soggy fish and chips!

Mum's Army sees the Home Guard recruiting women but as Mrs Mainwaring "hasn't left the house since Munich", she won't be joining her husband's platoon. So when newcomer Mrs Gray enlists, Captain Mainwaring is set for a brief encounter.

In The Godiva Affair the platoon are rehearsing their Morris Dancing routine as part of a fund-raising carnival parade which will include a ride past by Lady Godiva. Unfortunately for Captain Mainwaring, there's a last-minute substitution for Godiva!

All the well-loved characters are here including: "Stupid boy" Pike, "Don't panic, don't panic" Jonesey, "Doomed, we're all doomed!" Fraser, "May I be excused, sir?" Godfrey, and all under the command of the redoubtable Captain Mainwaring and his effacing deputy Sergeant Wilson.


Favourite characters in entertaining show
Boston theatregoers enjoyed an evening of wartime nostalgia last week, thanks to a highly entertaining presentation of the popular TV show Dad's Army. Boston Playgoers were on top form as they brought to life the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard and all its well loved characters.

The auditorium was packed for delicious recreations of the pompous Capt Mainwaring, 'stupid boy' Pike, dithering Pte Godfrey, Jones the butcher, Hodges the air raid warden, and the rest.

They squeezed lots of humour from the script, and the multi-talented cast even treated audiences to an hilarious Morris dance and a stirring choral rendition of the Floral Dance.
Jon Molson, Peter Grimshaw, Alan Watkinson, John Lingard, David Edgar, Brett Roberts, Phil Landshoft, Lyndon Jenkins and Tom Auchterlonie (also a dab hand on the accordion) gave spot-on portrayals of the main characters and were capably supported by a big cast.
Directors Adam Priestley and John Jackson and producer Sam Zwemmer must be well pleased.
Pat Ashberry, Boston Standard 09/02/2005

Actors names on right:

Captain Mainwaring - John Molson 
Sergeant Wilson - Peter Grimshaw 
Lance Corporal Jones - Alan Watkinson 
Private Frazer - John Lingard 
Private Walker - David Edgar 
Private Pike - Brett Roberts 
Private Godfrey - Tom Auchterlonie 
Private Sponge - Adam Minards
ARP Chief Warden Hodges - Phil Landshoft 
The Verger (Mr Yeatman) - Lyndon Jenkins 
Vicar?/ Colonel - John Jackson 
Mrs Pike - Ros Blowers 
Mrs Fox - Carol Kane 
Mrs Gray - Judy Mugleston 
U-Boat Captain - Stuart Farrar 
Edith Parish - Melissa Marlowe 
Miss Ironside - Lucy Taylor 
Ivy Samways - Shantelle Gaston-Hird 
Waitress - Lucy Taylor 
Serviceman - Adam Minards 
Mrs Prosser - Gail McNeale 
Railway Porter - Wayne Waite 
Mr Gordon (the Town Clerk) - Scott Kibby 
Nazi Sailors - Wayne Waite, Shantelle Gaston-Hird, Scott Kibby, Bruce Hicks

Production Team

Director - Adam Priestley & John Jackson
Assistant Director - Sam Zwemmer 
Producer - Sam Zwemmer 
Assistant Producer - John Jackson
Stage Manager - Ricky Roberts
Set Design - Sam Zwemmer
Set Construction - Paul Gibson
Costume - The Violet Truelove Wardrobe, Wear-It, Glyn Ruskin and Playgoers
Furniture & Properties - Lyndon Jenkins, Kirton Antiques, Mike Barnden, Liz Worsley
Lighting - Paul Gibson 
Sound - Paul Gibson 
Morris Music & Choreography- Tom Auchterlonie
Poster & Programme Cover Design- John Lingard
Programme - John Jackson
Photography - Mark Taylor
Make Up - Molly Barrett
Prompt - Liz Worsley