The Murder Room

May 2004

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The Murder Room - by Jack Sharkey
Performed - May 26th to May 29th 2004

Mavis and her lover plan to kill her wealthy new husband, Edgar Hollister, and seem to have succeeded quite quickly and all too easily, but have they? 

The arrival of Edgar's dotty daughter Susan, with fiance in tow, complicates everything as they try to solve the mystery of Edgar's disappearance. 

The interfering housekeeper fails to help as do the two bumbling members of the Harrogate Constabulary. 


A Playgoers production to kill for
WHODUNNIT fans who missed Boston Playgoers production at Blackfriars last week should be kicking themselves. 

The Murder Room, a comic gem with a loony plot, barmy characters, impressive sound effects, scenery that threatened to steal the show and a cellar with a great deal of steps, was excellent. 

Playgoers kept the action and clever dialogue slick and fast-moving, and the result was highly entertaining. 

Poisoned cocoa, a killer window seat, a deceased cat and a murder victim who turned up later disguised as a policeman to investigate his own death were all handled brilliantly by the six-strong cast - Melissa Marlowe as the scheming bride, Phil Landshoft as her husband and the policeman, Judy Mugleston as the gossipy housekeeper, Melanie Clark as the dim daughter, Dave Edgar as her American fiance, and John Jackson as the sinister police inspector. 

Congratulations are due to all, not forgetting director Paul Gibson and producer Sam Zwemmer. 

Pat Ashberry, Boston Standard 09/06/2004 

Cast in order of appearance
Actors names on right:

Edgar Hollister - Phil Landshoft 
Mavis Templeton Hollister - Melissa Marlowe 
Mrs Lottie Molloy - Judy Mugleston 
Inspector James Crandall - John Jackson 
Constable Abel Howard - Phil Landshoft 
Susan Hollister - Melanie Clark 
Barry Draper - David Edgar 

Production Team

Director - Paul Gibson
Producer - Sam Zwemmer
Stage Manager - Ros Blowers
Set Design - Paul Gibson / Sam Zwemmer
Set Construction - 
Stage Crew - 
Costume - Glyn Ruskin / Violet Truelove Wardrobe
Furniture & Properties - John Lingard / Wayne Waite
Lighting - Paul Gibson 
Sound - Paul Gibson 
Poster - Paul Gibson 
Photography - Mark Taylor 
Programme - Patrick Hall / Chris Cook Print
Make Up - Molly Barrett 
Prompt - Shantelle Gaston-Hird