Beyond Reasonable Doubt

January 2003

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt - by Jeffrey Archer
Performed - January 29th to February 1st 2003 at Blackfriars Theatre

The play is centred around the alleged murder of a wife by her husband and includes the trial and subsequent revelations of factual evidence. 

In the Central Criminal Court - the Old Bailey - Sir David Metcalfe QC, Chairman of the Bar Council, is conducting the most important defence of his life - his own! Accused of the wilful murder of his terminally-ill wife, Sir David finds himself locked in legal combat with his old rival, Anthony Blair-Booth, prosecuting counsel. 

After a tense courtroom scene, Act 1 ends just as we are to hear the verdict of the jury. Act 2 takes us back in time to the fateful night of Lady Metcalfe's death and before. There is a surprising twist in the end. 

As a member of the jury, there will be much for you to consider as you aim to reach a satisfactory verdict.?

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Actors names on right:

Court Usher - Rickie Roberts 
Clerk of the Court - Richard Roberts 
Mr Justice Tredwell - Martin Lishman 
Anthony Blair-Booth QC - Stuart Farrar 
Det Chief Inspector Travers - Philip Landshoft 
Sir David Metcalfe QC - Douglas Smith 
Prison Officer - Peter Kay 
Mrs Rogers - Kathy Fullerton 
Dr Weeden - Alex Findlay 
Lionel Hamilton - John Lingard 
Mr Cole (junior counsel for the crown) - Adam Priestley 
Robert Pierson - PJ Roberts 
Stenographer - Emma Collins 
Lady Metcalfe - Glyn Ruskin

Production Team

Co-Directors & Producers - Peter Grimshaw, Judith Hall 
Stage Manager - Paul Gibson 
Asst Stage Manager - Diane Sharpe 
Set Design - Paul Gibson, Peter Grimshaw 
Set Artist - Sam Zwemmer, John Lingard 
Set Construction - Paul Gibson, Clive Taylor, Members of the Society 
Stage Crew - Wayne Waite, Melanie Clark, Rachael Geddes, Andy Fryer 
Costume - Alternative Wardrobe 
Furniture & Properties - Kirton Antiques, Aladdin's Cave 
Lighting - Paul Gibson (design), Judith Hall (operation) 
Sound - Paul Gibson (design), Judith Hall (operation) 
Poster & Programme - Patrick Hall 
Publicity - John Richards 
Photography - Patrick Hall, John Richards 
Make Up - Molly Barrett, Alicja Frankowski