Lettice & Lovage

April 2002

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Lettice & Lovage - a comedy by Peter Shaffer
Performed - April 25th to April 27th 2002 at Blackfriars Theatre

Daughter of an actress, who toured France with an all-female company, playing only Shakespeare's historical plays, Lettice Douffet has inherited both theatricality and eccentricity. Now employed as a tourist guide in a shabby stately home, she attempts to enliven its dull history with her own over-imaginative fantasies, until she is caught in the act and promptly sacked. She retreats to her basement in Earl's Court, where she is visited by the starchy Preservation Trust official who fired her. An unlikely friendship develops as they discover a shared loathing for the carbuncles of modern architecture and the stern, sensible Lottie is drawn into Lettice's attractive world of historical romance. 

This almost ends in tears after a nasty accident when the two ladies are re-enacting the execution of Charles I. But, they manage to rise above this minor setback and continue their crusade to "enlarge, enliven and enlighten" with renewed vigour.

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Actors names on right:

Miss Lettice Douffet - Judy Mugleston 
Surly Man - John Lingard 
Miss Charlotte Schoen - Carol Walmsley 
Miss Framer - Melanie Clark 
Mr Bardolph - Philip Landshoft 
Members of the public - Members of the Society 

Production Team

Director - Alan Dropkin 
Assistant Directors & Producers - Sam Zwemmer, John Jackson 
Stage Manager - Judith Hall 
Set Design - Sam Zwemmer 
Set Construction - Paul Gibson, Members of the Society 
Costume - Sam Zwemmer 
Properties - Sam Zwemmer, John Jackson 
Lighting - Paul Gibson 
Sound - Paul Gibson 
Poster - Sam Zwemmer 
Programme - Patrick Hall 
Publicity - Kathy Fullerton 
Resident Technician - Andrew Gath 
Prompt - Judith Hall