Silly Cow

May 2000

Silly Cow by Ben Elton
Performed - May 2000

Doris Wallis, tabloid columnist and scathing TV Critic, is being sued for libel by one of her alleged victims, Miss Trudi Hobson. Trudi a classically trained actress, is taking Ms Wallis to court today (May 1991) on the grounds of defamation of character and unfair criticism of her acting ability, which she alleges has resulted in the ruin of her career. Although Ms Wallis looks set to win the case her troubles could just be starting. 

It would appear that her best friend Sidney Skinner (a fellow tabloid journalist) is about to double cross her, and that her faithful Personal Assistant, Peggy, is not quite as faithful as she thought. Her accountant, Douglas Robertson is going to account for more than she bargained for, and her toy boy Eduardo is about to ditch her for a younger model! Is Ms Wallis getting her just desserts at last?! It would seem that some of the dirt Ms Wallis has been so fond of dishing out is about to be thrown back in her face!! It is a very true saying that 'in this life we all get what we deserve'. Watch this space..... 

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Actors names on right:

Sidney Gareth Negus 
Doris - Kathy Fullerton 
Peggy - Jayne Thompson 
Douglas - John Lingard 
Eduardo - Tom Latham

Production Team

Director - Judy Mugleston
Stage Manager - Colin McDonnell
Asst Stage Manager - Georgina Middleton
Production Assistant - Nigel Green
Lighting - Paul Gibson
Sound - Paul Gibson
Publicity - Judy Mugleston