I Have Been Here Before

October 1991

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I Have Been Here Before - by J. B. Priestley
Performed - Wed 23rd to Sat 26th October 1991 at Blackfriars Theatre

Dr Görtler believes that a future dimension of time can be entered in dreams, and is drawn to a Yorkshire inn in search of proof. He had dreamed of an unhappy couple coming to this inn, the wife meeting a lover, and the discovery driving her husband to suicide. To his horror, Dr Görtler sees the dream in danger of becoming reality. He warns them of the potential unhappiness and fortunately, they heed him. The scene throughout is in the sitting room of the Black Bull Inn, Grindle Moor, North Yorkshire at Whitsuntide in 1937.


In order of appearance. Actors names on right:

Sally Pratt - Julie Fearnehough
Sam Shipley - John Lingard
Dr Gortler - Martin Veale
Oliver Farrant - Richard Cammack
Janet Ormund - Liz Harte
Walter Ormund - Patrick Hall

Production Team

Director - Margaret Hill
Stage Manager - Doug Hill
Set Design & Construction - Doug Hill & members of society
Costumes - Marilyn Read
Properties - Jackie Harvey, Neil Harvey, Judith Hall
Lighting - Neil Harvey
Prompter - Molly Barrett
Advertising - Wendy McDonnell