Puss in Boots

January 1991

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Puss In Boots - by John Morley
Performed - January 10th to 19th 1991 at Blackfriars Theatre



Actors names on right:

King Bulbo of Holland - Brian Chittim
Queen Tulip - Julie Fearnehough
Princess Daffodil, their daughter - Sarah Coulson
Lord Edam, the Palace Major-Domo - Donna Firth
The Miller's Cat - Stephanie Royce
Puss in Boots - Penny Cannon
Arthur Miller, Glen Miller, Max Miller, The Millers sons - Liz Harte, Chris Roberts, Richard Cammack
Helga Schuman, the Magic Cobbler - Ann Cartwright
Dr Frankenstein, the Scientist - Martin Veale
Blackleather, his minion - Tim Farrow
Klonk Nutbolt, his monster - John Lingard
Carrots, a cheeky rabbit - Karen Atter
Tabitha, Queen of Catland - Molly Barrett
Chief of Spooks - Kathy Walsh
Citizens of Amsterdam and spooks - Becky Coleman, Emma Creasey, Lorna May, Stephanie Royce, Sheila Sanders, Joanne Thurston
Spooks - Katie Early, Becki Walker

Production Team

Director - Angie Brown
Stage Managers - Graham Roberts, Ian Keasey
Set Painting - John Lingard
Set Construction - The cast and members and friends of the society
Costumes - Sarah Coulson
Lighting - David Taylor
Sound - Steve Grist
Prompter - Pam Mason
Props - Tracey & Dave Scoot, Julie Payne, Kay Rogers
Advertising - Wendy McDonnell
Choreography - Ann Cartwright
Pianist - Angela Littlechild