It's Not Where You Start But Where You Finish

Autumn 1984

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Its Not Where You Start But Where You Finish - A Playgoers Review
Performed - Autumn 1984 at Blackfriars Theatre

A collection of songs and sketches to mark the 10th anniversary of Boston Playgoers youth section, the Strolling Players.


Musical Introduction: by the cast 

The Molecatcher, a rustic frolic with Carl Batchelor, Allen Thompson, Donna Grocock.

A Joyce Grenfell Monologue, by Kate King.

Passion, Poison and Petrification, by G. B. Shaw 
Actors names on right:

Magnesia - Donna Grocock
Fitz - Carl Batchelor
Adolphus - Kimble Enderby
Phyllis - Julie Storr
Landlady - Steve Howard
Policeman - Andrew Fravigar
Doctor - Allen Thompson

Putcha Sahib, a Stanley Holloway sketch with John Cridland, and 'friends'.

An 18th Century Monologue, by Caroline Ness

A Stanley Holloway Monologue, by Tim Ashberry


Gee, Officer Krupke!, the vivacious melody from West Side Story 
Actors names on right:

Action - Kate King
Krupke - Donna Grocock
Judge - Julie Storr
Shrink - Angie Brown
Social Worker - Francis Sabey

Mind The Trains, a frivolous 'Play Away' sketch
Actors names on right:

Porter - Louise Chester
Girl - Julie Storr
Business Woman - Kay Pomeray
Saleslady - Karen Bryson
Tannoy - Rachel Bell
Odd Chap - Allen Thompson
Irishman - Kimble Enderby
Weighing Scales - Guest Artiste

The Real Inspector Hound, by Tom Stoppard 
Actors names on right:

Moon - Kimble Enderby
Birdboot - Andrew Batchelor
Mrs Drudge - Kate King
Simon - Andrew Fravigar
Felicity - Sam Upsall
Cynthia - Wendy Atkin
Magnus - Dave Scoot
Inspector Hound - Dave Holmes
Body - John Otter

Finale, by the cast

Production Team

Publicity - Kate King
Properties - Donna Grocock
Costumes - Sam Upsall, Angie Brown
Sound - Dave Holmes, John Otter, Angie Brown
General Dogsbody - Francis Sabey