Xmas 1983

Aladdin - by John Morley
Performed -  Christmas 1983 at Blackfriars Theatre

The pantomime follows the outline of the well known story, and includes a trip to Egypt, adventures with a sinister Mummy and a Ghost, a haughty Fairy and a hint of Ali Baba as well as set pieces such as a magic show and a "slosh hurling' episode.


Actors names on right:

Aladdin - Kimble Enderby
Widow Twankey - Jeff Ashberry
Wishee Washee Twankey - Andrew Fravigar
The Great Abanazar - Colin McDonnell
Chopsuey the Twelfth - Patrick Allso
Dragona the Thirteenth - Jean Green
Princess Sey Wen - Samantha Upsall
So Shi - Melony Coates
Sing Hi - Rachel Bell
Chow Mein - Norman White
Prince Pekoe - Darren Kidby
Bamboo - Mary Seiflow
Typhoo - Frances Sabey
Rickshaw - Jennifer Grant
Strong Pong - Noel Poulford
Madam Flashbang - Lynn Lowe
Mazda - Sidney Hunt
Mazawattee - Diane Carey
The Egyptian Mummy - Noel Poulford
Abanazar's Assistant - Wendy McDonnell
Genie's Assistant - Penny MacHale
Courtiers, Citizens etc - Wendy Atkin, Katie Cartwright, Cliff Goldsmith, Julie Hartley

Production Team

Director - Stephen Grist
Producer - 
Stage Manager - John Binks
Costume & Stage Design - John Grey & Helen Webber
Set Construction - Chris Smith, Patrick Allso, Jeff Ashberry, Steve Grist, Colin McDonnell, Cliff Goldsmith, Jonathan Green and members of the society
Stage Crew - 
Wardrobe - Ann Cartwright, assisted by Barbara Forth, Jean Green, Jean King, Lynn Lowe, Eileen Miller, Audrey Warrilow
Furniture & Properties - 
Lighting - Chris Smith
Sound - Ann Summerville
Accompanist - Ken Lancaster
Prompter - Joan Irwin
Publicity - Patrick Allso / Charles Wilde
Front of House Manager - Ken Lancaster
Front of House Assistants - Society Members
Photography - L.S.G.
Colour Photographs - John Walker (Boston Camera Club)