Two and Two Make Sex

Spring 1983

Two and Two Make Sex - by Richard Harris & Leslie Darbon
Performed -  Spring 1983 at Blackfriars Theatre

Absurdity, taken with seriousness and decorated with the ridiculous, and logic foundering in bizarre situations these are the farcical formulas well exploited in this play. George is getting into his fifties, his sexual virility nagging at him, one way or another. He is having an affair with twenty year old Jane. His wife, Clare, sensing that something of the kind is going on, fixes up a way of dealing with the situation. Jane has a boy friend, Nick. The quartet play out their charades in a double setting, the living room of George and Clare's home, and Jane's flatlet. The cross antics, seen separately and simultaneously, are very amusing. Later on, other characters materialize, and there is a mass confrontation, most ingeniously contrived.


In order of appearance, actors names on right:

Jane - Alison Stanwell
Nick - Marcus Balderston
George - Norman White
Clare - Wendy McDonnell
Ruth - Jean Green
Mr Bowers - John Lingard

Production Team

Director - Joy Hensman
Stage Manager - Steve Grist
Set Design - Steve Grist
Set Construction - John Binks, Mike Barker, Colin McDonnell, Chris Smith, Jeff Ashberry
Properties - Liz Ryan & Sue Marriott
Lighting - Chris Smith
Sound Effects - John Binks
Prompter - Audrey Warrilow
Front of House Manager - Ken Lancaster
Publicity - Jeff Ashberry, Charles Wilde
Publicity Photographs - L.S.G.
Cast Photographs - Boston Photographic Society