Xmas 1982

Dazzle - by John Gardiner, Music by Andrew Parr
Performed -  Christmas 1982 at Blackfriars Theatre

Dazzle, a parody of Star Trek, charts the first voyage of the Star Ship Sunburster One under the control of dashingly handsome (and doesn't he know it) Captain Sam Galatic. The mission is to transport Home World President Sekurikor's beautiful daughter Dazzle Star to finishing school. Captain Sam, First Officer Speck and an incompetent crew successfully defy Big Olga and her Bolshies on their Red Star satellite when Dazzle Star is kidnapped by an Irish astral pirate. Zany space sirens rock'n'rotate you through a time warp to the sixties and come face to pimple with Sue Zuki and the Greasers.


Actors names on right:

Gary Gemini - Norman White
Angela Krypton - Mary Seiflow
Sekurikor - Noel Pulford
The Wise Ones - Mike Lewis, Kevin Marriott, Lyn Lowe, Tracey Lowe, Frances Sabey, Mark Thornton, Paul Townshend, Simon Woodcock
Captain Sam Galactic - Eric Wharton
Mr Speck - Darren Kidby
Alura Link - Audrey Warrilow
Mohammed McToxic - Kimble Enderby
Pearl Peacemaker - Sam Upsall
Mr Suey - Andrew Fravigar
Lolita Laser - Donna Grocock
Mr Paddy - Michael Fordham
Dazzle Star - Alison Stanwell
Big Olga - Jean Green
Little Volga - Alison Allen
Slimebag the Haemorrage - Frances Sabey
Swampy - Simon Woodcock
Vic Vaudal - Stephen Grist
Dave Death - Mark Thornton
Brenda Brute - Stevie Howard
Rita Rough - Katy Cartwright
Sue Zuki - Kate King
Ministar the Astronomer - Mike Lewis or Kevin Marriott
Waiter at the Laserlit Luncheonette - Paul Townshend
Chinese Space Waiters & the Slimeys - Wendy Atkin, Karen Bryson, Louise Chester, Claire Ferguson, Julie Hartley, Tricia Taylor, Paul Townshend
The Bolshies - Alison Allen, Jackie Bridges, Carol Brown, Louise & Sarah Ingamells, Michelle Ogden, Julie Pell, Lisa Stanwell, members of the Stanwell School of Dancing

Production Team

Director - Ann Cartwright
Musical Director & Organist - Laura Weaver
Choreographer - Nan Stanwell
Stage Manager - Colin McDonnell
Set Construction - Colin McDonnell, Mike Barker, Dick Cartwright, Steve Grist, Brian Kettlewell, Kate King, Jonathan Noble
Stage Crew - Mike Barker, Rachel Bell
Costumes designed by - Rob Parker
Costumes made by - Jean King, Ann Cartwright & members of the cast
Properties - Joan Urwin
Lighting - Chris Smith
Sound - John Binks, Angie Brown
Publicity - Wendy McDonnell & Penny MacHale
Prompter - Beaty Bird
Front of House Manager - Ken Lancaster & members of the society