Move Over, Mrs Markham

Spring 1982

Move Over Mrs. Markham - by Ray Cooney & John Chapman
Performed -  Spring 1982 at Blackfriars Theatre

To Sylvie it's the "goose" that she learned from Alistair, but to Philip, Joanna Markham's husband, it's "a variety of geese," and fifteen years of marriage is just about undone along with everything else in this wild zany free for all. Everything from Philip's business deals with Bow Wow Books and Alistair's near escape from Joanna's chiding seduction to the naked G.P.O. girl and the specter of scandal is hilarious. A lot of bedhopping occurs as Sylvie winds up taking Alistair on "walkies" and the amazing Mrs. Markham gets her man her husband! It all takes place in an elegant top floor London flat in London.


In order of appearance, actors names on right:

Joanna Markham - Sue Marriott
Alistair Spenlow - David Hallgate
Sylvie - Josephine Williams
Linda Lodge - Wendy McDonnell
Philip Markham - Norman White
Henry Lodge - Colin McDonnell
Walter Pangbourne - Sidney Hunt
Olive Harriet Smythe - Anne Cartwright
Miss Watkinson - Penny MacHale

Production Team

Director - Kevin Marriott
Production Assistant - Joan Urwin
Stage Manager - David Scoot
Set Design - John Cammack
Set Construction Manager - Steve Grist
Set Construction - Jeff Ashberry, Mike Barker, John Binks, Colin McDonnell, Chris Smith
Costume - Anne Cartwright
Properties - Liz Ryan
Lighting - Pete Broughton
Sound - Beaty Bird
Decor - John Cammack
Prompt - Joan Urwin
Publicity - Wendy McDonnell, Penny McHale
Publicity Photographs - Alan Humberston
Front of House Manager - Ken Lancaster