Toad of Toad Hall

Xmas 1980

Toad of Toad Hall - by A. A. Milne
Performed - Christmas 1980 at Blackfriars Theatre

Kenneth Graham's book "Wind in the Willows" has, for succeeding generations of children, given pleasure and excitement. The delightful group of friends; Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad, play out their adventures in an idyllic English landscape, each one in turn revealing different aspects of character, which renders them lovable. Even the mischievous Toad, despite his selfishness, is finally forgiven. A. A. Milne's play brings to life the happy frolics of the riverside friends, and the additional music and songs make the whole a delightful experience.


Actors names on right:

Marigold - Stevie Howard
Nurse - Audrey Warrilow
Mole - John Cammack
Water Rat - John Chambers
Mr Badger - David Scoot
Toad - Richard Ansell
Alfred - Mark Collins
Chief Ferret - Stuart Sands
Chief Stoat - Andrew Batchelor
Chief Weasel - Maggie Peberdy
First Fieldmouse - Samantha Upsall
Second Fieldmouse - Liz Clark
Policeman - Martin Lowder
Gaoler - Stuart Sands
Usher - David Quincey
Judge - Jonathon Noble
Turkey - Jacqueline Clark
Duck - Angela Brown
Phoebe - Samantha Upsall
Washerwoman - Audrey Warrilow
Mama Rabbit - Donna Grocock
Lucy Rabbit - April De Vries
Harold Rabbit - Andrew Fravigar
Fox - Simon Peregrine
Barge Woman - Jean Green
Ferrets, Weasels, Stoats, Rabbits, Squirrels & Fieldmice - Maxine Porteous, Beverley Scothern, Helen Lakin, Sharon Ashberry, Vicki Holmes, Sarah Matthews, Vikki Beauchamp, Tracey Martin, Matthew Teather, Angela Jones, Rachel Smith, Helen Dawson, Jason Etherington, Rachel Parsons, Rachel Bourne, Catherine Walker, Jason Beauchamp, Nicola Bolton, Tracey Pitts, Louise Williamson, Helen Clarke, Wendy Clarke, Alison French

Production Team

Director - Dorothy Quincey & Kevin Marriott
Stage Manager - Stephen Grist
Scenic Designers & Artists - John Gray & Helen Webber, with help from Anne Chowes, Rachel Hayes and Roger Nichols
Set Construction - John Binks, Mike Barker, Colin McDonnell, David Quincey, Carl Reece, Harold White, Jeff Ashberry, Tim Ashberry, Kevin Bird, Noel Pulford, Rod Dunn, Kevin McClaren, David Owen, Roy Cotgreave, Arthur Doughty.
Musical Director - Allan Morris
1st Violins - Mike Nyari, Tony Cross
2nd Violin - Pete Wasley
Viola - Martin Almond
Double Bass - Ian Thorpe / Owen Moorin
Piano & Rehearsal Accompianist - David Hallgate
Lighting - Peter Broughton
Wardrobe - Frances Sabey
Make Up - Sarah Fluck, Tim Parkinson, Janice Redman
Properties - Liz Ryan, John Binks
Publicity Photographs - Peter Robinson
Front of House - Ann & Dick Cartwright
Poster Design & Printing - John Gray, Helen Webber
Special Brackets - supplied by Reece Metal Work Enterprises