The Day after the Fair

Spring 1978

The Day After The Fair - by Frank Harvey
Performed -  Spring 1978 at Blackfriars Theatre

A servant girl persuades her mistress to write to a man who made her pregnant during a brief romantic interlude. Only after the wedding does the young man discover it is the letter writer he loves.


In order of appearance, actors names on right:

Edith Harnham - Anne Hughes
Arthur Harnham - Jeff Ashberry
Letty Harnham - Dorothy Quincey
Anna - Maureen Martin
Charles Bradford - Ian Hill
Sarah - Gill Blunden
Wedding Guests - Kevin Marriott, John Forrest, Janet McCaffrey, Beatty Bird, Denice Middlebrook

Production Team

Producer - Jo Hensman
Stage Director - Ann Cartwright
Stage Manager - John Forrest
Set Design - John Cammack
Set Construction - John Forrest, John Binks, Carl Reece, Brian Brinded, John Cridland, David Quincey, Corrine Ransom, Kevin Marriott, Julie Davy, Harold White
Costumes - Ann Cartwright & Blackfriars Theatre Wardrobe
Properties - Beaty Bird
Lighting - Arthur Doughty & Wendy Hoff
Sound - John Binks
Prompter - Priscilla Langstaff
Publicity - Kevin Marriott
Front of House - John & Irene Stewart