Auditions for Love From a Stranger

Tuesday 22nd May

Our next production, which will coincide with a display in Blackfriars about the 90th Anniversary, will be Agatha Christie's 'Love From A Stranger', directed by Jo Warrick with Matt Barnes. Auditions will take place on Tuesday 3 July. The production will take place at Blackfriars Theatre in Boston from Wednesday 7th to Saturday 11th November at 7.30pm.

Audition material now available to download from this link:
Cecily, 30s
Bruce, 30s
Nigel, 30s
Mavis, 30s
Auntie Loo Loo, 50s
Hodgson, 50s/60s
Dr Gribble, 50s
Ethel, 20s
If you have any questions, please message the director Jo Warrick - and if you can't make the audition date but would still like to audition, please let her know.