Upcoming Events & Auditions

Friday 17th June

We have a couple of audition dates coming up!

Blood Brothers (play version)
Our next full production is the non musical version of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell, directed by Sue Watsham and Marilyn Cobb. It tells of twin brothers and what happens when their mother decides to have one of them adopted. Their contrasting upbringing and the hand fate deals them is fast-moving, perceptive and ultimately tragic. The production will take place at Blackfriars Theatre from Wednesday 19 October to Saturday 22 October.

Auditions will take place on Tuesday 5 July at Blackfriars at 7.30pm. Roles available are as follows:

Eddie and Mickey
Twin brothers. Playing age 20 to 30. Will be playing young children in beginning of play. Two great parts whose early friendship brings comic moments before this friendship leads to tragedy. Mickey will need to be played with a Liverpool accent.

Mrs Johnson
Mother of the twins. Playing age 30, (but in the script states she looks 60)
Single mother of 6 young children who makes a pact with Mrs Lyons to give away one of her twins once they are born. One song, "Marilyn Monroe". Liverpool accent.

Mrs Lyons
Playing age 30 to 40. Desperately wants children, so adopts Eddie and passes him off as her own. Lives in fear of her secret being uncovered.

Playing age 20 to 30. Will be playing a young child at beginning of play. Friend of Mickey and Eddie.

Male, any age. Guides the audience through the tragic events. Needs to have a strong presence, making the audience feel slightly uncomfortable in some scenes. Liverpool accent.

Milkman / Doctor
Any age, small role, which also doubles as one of the 4 kids chorus.

Any age, small role, which also doubles as one of the 4 kids chorus.

2 - 4 kids
To be played by adults of any age. These will form the chorus at the beginning and will also appear during the first half of the play.

Blackfriars 50th Anniversary Gala
For the 50th Anniversary of Blackfriars, Playgoers along with other groups which use Blackfriars are aking part in the Gala on Friday 16 & Saturday 17 September (both days 7.30pm with a matinee on the Saturday. Our piece is called Last Tango in Slippery Gowt (renamed from Little Grimley!). Auditions for that will take place on Thursday 7 July at Blackfriars at 7.30pm.

An amateur dramatic society is in financial trouble and face a dwindling membership. Their audiences aren’t much bigger either so the Chairman, Gordon comes up with the idea that only one thing sells – “Sex!” Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious rehearsals…

There are 4 characters:
Gordon – Chairman of the Society, quite assertive, middle aged.
Joyce – Treasurer of the Society, a musical fanatic and a little scatty.
Bernard – Constructs the Sets etc., blunt and can be sarcastic.
Margaret – Committee member, quite abrupt and outspoken –age up to mid thirties.

Audition pieces for both Blood Brothers and Last Tango in Slippery Gowt will be available from Blackfriars' foyer from 23/06/2016.