The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher - by William Douglas Home
Performed -  Sat 16th January 2010 in the Revue Bar, Blackfriars Theatre

Cecil is a best-selling novelist living comfortably with his butler, Hawkins, who has served him for fifty years. There have been many women in Cecil's richly disordered life but now he is contemplating marriage to the only one he has loved. The object of his proposal, Evelyn, has just been to her husband's funeral, whom she married on the rebound from Cecil. Now she is confronted by Cecil's charming and candid proposal and must make a decision.

NB. The playwright, William Douglas Home, debuted two of his plays at Blackfriars Theatre in 1972, while he was with the New Midlands Theatre Company.


Actors names on right:

Cecil - John Lingard
Hawkins - Patrick Hall
Evelyn - Gail Lingard
Production Team

Director - David Edgar
Sound / Lights - Paul Gibson
Production Assistant - Lucy Taylor